PlaneScape 4E

Who Knows the Dark
Well somethings missing and it isn't just the dwarf's pants
A Truth Revealed
First adventure in the planes

Enter Zion Terosi IV, pixie, thief, scoundral. Exiled from his home, his family name tarnished, scrounging a living in Sigil. He had been working freelance, picking up a few easy marks here and there. He caught the attention of the Black Dog gang, who implemented their heavy handed recruitment tactics, by grabbing Zion while he was asleep, he was then thrown in a dungeon until he would be ready to agree to join the Black Dogs.

“Hey I was framed!” – Zion

While this was going on Jaxlong and Damaia were readying themselves for their first trip to the planes. The were to bring a shipment of Randy Nax to trade on the planes for their local wizard Benfect.

The trade went smoothly, though on the way back to the portal they also ran into the Black Dog gang, who had mistaken Jaxlong for a notorious thief and assassin by the name of Bardock. Captured and taken to the Black Dog hideout, they were beaten and threatened that the master would return soon and he would deal with them personally. They were thrown in with the pixie, Zion and all hope for escape seemed lost.

Salvation came in the form of an older woman, who hinted that she was actually Jaxlong’s mother. Pointing them in the direction of a hidden cavern she said she would meet them in Sigil at the Hooded Rat tavern and hopefully she would bring some answers.

Entering the darkened passage, the party could see that this cavern had not been disturbed in a very long time. Although the cave was mostly natural, the ground appeared to have been cleared, making forward progress easy. Cracking a sunrod, naturally formed walls and stalactites hanging from the ceiling were lit up.

“Everyone follow the floating light. Hrmph.” -Zion

Continuing on they came across a large cavern in the floor, to which an ancient wooden bridge would have provided safe passage across, had it not been rotted away. This of course was not even a mere inconvenience to Zion who flitted across, taunting the others about their lack of wings. Jaxlong pulled out his climbing gear and Damaia acted as an anchor. Which would have worked perfectly had Jax hammered his piton in hard enough. Both went tumbling into the chasm, Damaia very nearly managed to stop their descent, twice. Jax yanking her off the cliff face, three times in as many minutes.

Splashing into an icy river, both had the wind knocked out of them and Zion just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Well what more can you expect from wingless, clueless Berks.” – Zion

And so the cold, wet walk began, well most of it was a walk, the river wasn’t terribly deep. Though it was always going up, strangely, against what could be called the natural laws of gravity.

Eventually they came to a chamber that opened up, with the water flowing to numerous pipes that split and headed into the ceiling. Clambering out, or continuing to fly easily, the party gathered on the shore of the strange underground river. Once out of the water Jax and Damaia really began to feel the cold. Dropping all pretext of modesty they removed their armour and clothes. While all this was going on Zion was inspecting the room, just a way from the river a ladder could be seen heading up.

After getting a little warmer Jax and Damaia followed Zion up the ladder, spying an opening Zion handed the sunrod to Jax and flew up to investigate, making sure to turn invisible on his way.

Once clear of the shaft, he could see some slow moving figures in the hazy darkness, zombies. Relaying the news Jax climbed up the ladder, Damaia in close pursuit. It turns out not close enough, because although Jax made it out and engaged the zombies, Damaia was not so lucky, as a zombie dove headlong down the shaft in an attempt to take Damaia with it. Damaia took a hit from the flying zombie, knocking her from the ladder, and although she managed to grab on again, she was definitely a little dazed.

“Oh man you should have seen this. So funny.” – Zion

Zion and Jax chuckling at the misfortune of their companion set about dispatching the zombies, Damaia made a token appearance at the end of the fight, pulling herself out in time to see the last of the shambling bodies collapse in a heap.

Damaia, disgusted at the lack of action and her poor treatment by the flying zombie, decided it was time she took the lead, dumbest mistake of her so far short adventuring career. So quick to lead was she that she was totally oblivious to the almost translucent cube of jelly ever so slightly quivering down the corridor in front of her. Jax and Zion had no trouble spotting it, and could have warned her, if she wasn’t so brash, almost diving head first into the cube.

*Oh yes and I’m supposed to make sense of a place with a sentient acid block – Damaia

It was an epic struggle, three hearty adventurers, alright, two and a pixie, squaring off against an almost solid, translucent gelatinous cube, that made a strange sucking then a pop whenever it swallowed Damaia. The adventurers may have won, but Damaia certainly came off second best, most of her clothes and hair eaten away by the cube’s acidic innards, she was not a pretty sight. A slightly burned, almost naked, bald except for the few patches here and there tiefling trudging through a long abandoned tunnel, outside(this could also be classed as under) Sigil. At least the acid had warmed her up.

“Hey I am a hearty adventurer.” – Zion

Further down the passage, the group came to another large chasm, for tunnels that were on the outside of a city shaped like a ring, there really was a lot of surprisingly large gaps. There was the remnants of a rope and pulley system, with a basket that was likely used for traversing the gap.

Damaia and Jax set about putting the pulley system back together, while Zion went exploring. Being a good pixie he went invisible, flying towards the bottom of the chasm where he heard a clicking, tapping, scratching sound. Jax and Damaia by this time had got the rope bridge back together and Damaya had crossed to the other side.

Zion flew up and grabbed a sunrod and made the silly decision of dropping it down the chasm. All he succeeded in doing was agitating the beetle swarms feasting on the moss and algae at the bottom. They flew up the chasm, a twisting, writhing mass of shell, fluttering wing and mandible.

“Well it seemed like a good idea at the time.” – Zion

Splitting at the top of the chasm, the beetle swarms sensed the warmth of Jax and Damaia, and attacked what they thought was the disturbance. Damaia once again got the rough end of the stick, with one beetle attempting to burrow up her nose. The combined effort of her blowing and Zion reaching up her nose managed to get it out before it did any real damage, but it was still immensely painful.


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