Jax Long

The rugged outdoors type that is going mmm that way


Stats Str 16 Hp 46 Dex 17 AC 19 Con 13 Fort 16 Wis 15 Ref 16 Int 11 Will 14 Cha 9 Spd 6

Weapons Bow of Distance +1 30/55 Rending Axe +1 Handaxe 10/20

Skills Acrobatics 10 Athletics 12 Nature 9 Perception 9 Stealth 10

Feats Improved Initiative Lethal Hunter Far Shot


Jax Long grew up in the prime material not knowing either of his parents. Even a a young age he seemed an outsider in his community. He was even feared after getting into a few scraps when he looked about to loose he would sudenly fight like an animal and always seemed to come off uninjured. He also seemed to do things on a whim which usually didn’t go down well with the elders

In his addolescence he becamemore of an outcast, and subsequently learned how to hunt with a longbow and his trusty axe. He exceled at marksmanhip and at greater range then most of the other villagers. Later aking a small living as a hunter and a woodsman. But few people trusted him as he would do things that seemed insane, idiodic and stupid to others just because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Jax would be the first to tell you he is a brillant climber with a keen sense of direction, both of which usually come into question when attempts to prove it. He took on the task of selling Randy Nax for something new with mor exiting challanges to be had.

Jax Long

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