The fallen dabus, proxy of Aoskar


Little is known of Fell, save that he is shunned by the other dabus and given a wide berth by most every other cutter within the City of Doors. It is widely assumed that he is a fallen dabus, condemned by the Lady for some transgression or slight against Her will.

Unlike the other dabus, Fell walks upon the ground, his feet clearly treading upon the earth. It is common to have seen him trip or stumble in his walks through the Market Ward, where he keeps a small shop on Redwind Road. His chosen vocation is the crafting of tattoos, which he forms from his own picture symbols above his head and then somehow transfers to the skin of his clients. Some have whispered that he also offers magical tattoos, but only to customers of his choosing.

When not in his shop, Fell frequents the back alleys of the Hive, usually seen bricking over the randomly appearing ooze portals of the ward, perhaps to reclaim some fraction of his old life in service to Her Serenity. He has no need of guards or protection when walking in even the Hive by himself. Not even the gangs and barmies within that ward are willing to take the chance of being close by should the Lady’s shadow come passing over him, which many figure is only a matter of time.

Fact is, the reason for Fell’s expulsion from the ranks of the Dabus is both valid and chilling. Since the death of his patron power and the shattering of the Cathedral of Aoskar in the Lower Ward, Fell has remained an outcast and pariah to his own kind and to most of Sigil. But until that day, Fell remains a sad, silent image that even the chosen servants of Her Serenity are not immune to Her wrath or the temptation of other forces.

While even Aoskar himself died that day, Fell yet lives. Perhaps he cannot die as a punishment by the Lady for his betrayal of her and his own kind. Perhaps Fell was so invested with a portion of Aoskar’s power that by some virtue of this, the Lady could not kill him. Indeed, Fell can still cast divine spells, though he does so rarely. And some claim that this gives rise to the idea that Aoskar may have invested Fell as his own proxy before the power’s death, or that the Portal Father may not be entirely dead. And if the latter, I hold that Her Dread Majesty is not yet finished with Aoskar. For if Aoskar is not truly dead, and were to one day rise from his astral grave, I say he would not do so in defiance of the Lady, but at Her allowance in some vast and unknown plan that formed at or before his death at Her hand. A convenient, if frightening, portent.

Fell will not openly speak of his fall from grace, but if asked in secret he will profess his faith in Aoskar still, unrepentant, and full of conviction. In conjunction with the Will of the One, a radical split from the Sign of One, he may in fact be attempting to light the spark of worship in Aoskar once more, seeking still to raise his dead patron from the grave.


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