Psychic Prodigy


A psychic prodigy at a young age already has enough psychic energy to form his own pocket of existence. A small boy with mousey brown hair and a bit of a cheeky grin. He is a fan of classic tales of myth and legend: “Dirk Steals a Sting,” “The Legend of Avariel,” “Seven Kuo-Toan Brothers,” and “Animal Fables”.

Simon was almost lost when he got trapped in his own dreams where his personality had split and only through the intervention of some brave adventurers and Azir was Simon able to accept the two halves of himself and escape from his dreamworld.

Azir has taken Simon under his wing in an attempt to train him to harness his huge psychic potential. Simon is enjoying his studies though often (to the annoyance of his mentor) attempts to try things before taught them properly.


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