Traban's Forge

Located in a side street near the City Court, downward from the Noble District, this smoke-spewing smithy produces fine nonmagical armor. The ancient Traban specializes in highly ornamental plate mail, suitable for triumphs, parades, and battle. All work is done to order and costs between five times and one thousand times the normal price, depending on the workmanship.

Many of his customers are members of the Harmonium, though orders also come in from the paladins of Mount Celestia, especially the Order of the Planes-Militant. Traban is fully 471 years old, but he has never refused an order. He knows without a doubt that he’ll die before he finishes the work he has already agreed to, but he also knows his middle son’ll carry on the family work. This comforts him, and he looks forward, in his dour dwarf‘s way, to dying at the forge he carried with him from Krynn. He’ll tell all his customers about this personal death wish; his sons find this embarrassing.

Traban’s assisted in his work by his middle son Trabanson (312 years old), great-grandson Tarholtson (138), and a young, adopted ogre named Coal-chewer. Coal-chewer works the bellows tirelessly and sings (or more precisely, bellows) along to the dwarven work-chants in rather good dwarvish – one might say he bellows at the bellows. (Heh.) Tiefling and fiend customers frighten Coal-chewer, and when they come into the smithy he tends to hide in the back until they leave. The dwarves find this oddly endearing and amusing.

Traban’s grandson Tarholt (343 years old) no longer works the forge; instead, he wanders between Sigil and the Dwarven Mountain on the Outlands, seeking customers, taking orders, and secretly searching for a place where his grandfather might retire quietly. The ogre, with the family since he was orphaned at two, is the subject of an experiment of Tarholt’s; the hypothesis is that an ogre raised in proper dwarf fashion can be reformed. So far, Coal-chewer hasn’t killed anyone.

The Traban clan, carrying the clan anvil, came to Sigil from Krynn about 120 years ago as part of a small exodus of dwarves to the Outer Planes. Traban’s got no plans to ever go back, although his children are all curious to see the homeland again. Traban keeps telling them an earthquake destroyed their family diggings, but none of them believe him.

Traban's Forge

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