A sociopathic warrior.


STR: 18 HP: 54
DEX: 15 AC: 21
CON: 16 FOR: 18
INT: 16 REF: 15
WIS: 11 WILL: 14
CHA: 15

Powerful Charge
Improved Initiative
Sly Dodge
Weapon Focus (2H Greatsword)
Combat Superiority

Trained Skills:

Scale Armour +2
Damaia’s Great Sword


Damaya is what most people would call broken. Either she was born that way or it was a product of her upbringing. She forms no attachments to anyone; if a person is useful, she associates with them. If not, she moves on.

To take a life is a simple proposition; the effort and consequences of taking that life versus the current or future utility of that life. Be it beast, humanoid, child or elder. For her it’s a matter of what’s the most useful to her. Unfortuntely it means that altruism is somewhat confusing to her, as it would seem to be a waste of resources. Conversely evil is merely a waste of effort better redirected.

Her current adventures in Sigil leave her with mounting frustration at a world brutally using the same philosophy.

Of interest is a great sword that she wields. A large gem, formerly opaque, but now clear with tiny flecks of silver in it, rests in the forte of the blade. She is intrigued by it and wishes to learn who made it and what it’s purpose is.


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