Harbringer House

Harbinger House sits on a quiet, dead-end street in the Lower Ward (though some claim it’s in The Lady’s Ward), towering above the neighboring buildings. Its multiple levels rise in all directions, piled haphazardly atop each other like blocks placed by a demented child. Walls tilt at insane angles, and dark windows reflect the lantern light of the nearby hovels. Staircases climb and dqscend around the House like latticework adornments. Some reach toward entryways, others lead nowhere. Finally, and perhaps most important, are the doors. Doors of all sizes and descriptions fill the walls of Harbinger House, inside and out – ornate doors, plain doors, elaborate open arches, simplle sealed portals, doors of wood and stone and brass, and more. Doors are everywhere, and theg’re almost all locked tight.

Harbinger House is a place of power, a nexus of energy, almost like a smaller version of Sigil itself. Its doors, like the portals of the Cage, open into the multiverse – if a berk has the proper key. But the key to the doors of Harbinger House is harder to come by than the keys that open the Cage. And there’s good reason for that. The House shelters some of Sigil’s most prominent barmies, SO the caretakers take great pains to protect their secrets.

Who are the caretakers? The Believers of the Source (also called the Godsmen) have taken it upon themselves to administer to both the House and its inhabitants. They believe that the House and the barmies they’ve selected to shelter are important to the Final Ascension. Remember, belief has power in the planes, so the conviction of the faation shouldn’t be taken lightly. As the Godsmen see it, the residents of the House are powers-in-the-making, cutters and bloods almost ready to take the next step up the staircase of existence. The Godsmen have taken it upon themselves to care for them until the proress finishes. Imagine the favors the faction might command when one of their charges reaches the full state af powerhood!

As far as anyone knows, such an event hasn’t happened – yet. But all of the barmies residing in the House do have a limited number of spell-like abilities that mark them – in the Godsmen’s minds, anyway – as powers-in the-making.

Harbringer House

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