Hearts Faith

Character: Trust is everywhere, and a state of grace fills every street and tavern of the town. Robbery, duels, and rage are dispelled by the simple joys of Heart’s Faith. Everywhere are windowboxes. cobblestones, and sparkling fountains. Dogs don’t growl, children may whine and complain but never scream and elders are respected. No one locks their doors, or bars their windows.

Ruler: The greater lammasu named Lebes rules from the steps of the temple of Mitra in the center of town; any wrongdoer must answer to him. He usually hears cases from dawn until midday, when his court adjourns for a rest until the early evening.

Behind the Throne: In fact Lebes is quite dependent on the advice of his harem of lesser lammasu, four fine female members of his pride with enough common sense to guide his judgment and decrees. These are Alamiel, Donachen. Hellison, and Sangariel.

Description: The town of Heart’s Faith is built into a steep cliffside by the very shore of the silvery ocean, and its central plaza’s often flooded at high tide. These floods can cover most of the shore level of the town if the high tides coincide with the fierce spring or winter storms. Its harbor serves as the docks for the many ships, balaena, and swimmers who travel to the more chaotic Upper Planes.

The town itself winds along three major streets, one up the mountain into a valley and two more along the coast in either direction from the town’s central hay.

The gate to Excelsior in the Outlands lies just offshore though it hovers above the sea. Cutters who chase the bobbing light (much like a will o’ the wisp) and catch it arrive at the top of a tower in the Outlands.

Militia: The soldiers of Heart’s Faith are the Winged Lions, the lesser lammasu who’re seeking both experience and advancement. Because they’re young and impetuous, the Winged Lions are sometimes a little overeager to capture and punish offenders, often catching and interrogating ‘suspicious” characters. They never break the law but they do watch over those whom they merely suspect may break it.

Services: Heart’s Faith primarily sells goods to pilgrims: holy water, holy symbols, sturdy shoes, iron-shod staves, wide-brimmed hats to ward off the rain and sun, and warm clothes against the chill of Mount Celestia’s upper reaches.

Passage to the more chaotic Upper Planes is available at wharfside, though many of the Winged Lions seek to discourage anyone from leaving. Prices range from 100-200 gp for passage to Bytopia or Elysium, to as much as 500 gp for the Beastlands and Arborea. and 2,000 gp for the chancy trip to the Gates of the Moon in Ysgard.

Local Chant: Trishina’s realm – a marvelous coral reef on the edge of warm ocean currents – is said to lie just offshore, where the dolphins and sea elves sometimes come to trade. The balaena refuse to take travelers there for some reason; some sages believe the balaena themselves live and mate there and try to keep bashers out of their home waters.

An enormous clam caught near the outer banks of Heart’s Faith proved to hold a black pearl of enormous size, a pearl that has earned the name Star of the Deeps from the city priests. The underpriests of the city were examining it when the high priest suddenly removed it from the treasury; fishmongers’ chant is that the pearl’s all that remains of a tanar’ri cast into the sea many years ago, and the high priest’s been possessed by its spirit.

Hearts Faith

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